About Moses Siregar III

Moses Siregar IIIOr, how I became a Shiatsu practitioner and massage therapist, after practicing astrology for over 20 years.

Before I attended the ASIS massage school in Prescott, AZ, I had been fortunate to receive decades of wonderful bodywork (in one such stroke of luck, my wife has been in practice for twenty years), but I knew very little about Shiatsu. I knew Shiatsu was an asian modality, and I thought it had something to do with massaging people with your feet. I  discovered a deeply relaxing Japanese form of bodywork that is also based on the meridians and pressure points of ancient Chinese medicine. It is a practice with deep roots and intention, aimed at balancing the flow of chi/ki (vital life force) throughout the body. I consider Shiatsu a wonderful and enjoyable form of preventative medicine.

While I studied under our knowledgeable, childlike teacher, Sal Stone, I would come to hear the most incredible feedback from fellow classmates and from clients in our student clinic. When you hear things like “life-changing,” or when one of your teachers says with bright eyes that that was the best bodywork she has received in years, you know you have to keep practicing.

Spirituality, health, and transformation have been a lifelong passion. My Bachelor’s Degree in Religion in the Honors Program at the University of Georgia gave me a chance to deepen my study of the religions of the world. Although I was baptized an Episcopalian and enjoy spending time in prayer in churches, I have mostly found myself drawn to the wisdom and meditative practices of the East. I have practiced western and vedic astrology professionally since 1994 with a focus on relocation astrology, and in 2009 I was presented with the Arizona Society of Astrologers’ first annual Stella Award, “In appreciation for outstanding contributions to the field of astrology.” My astrological work has been supplemented with knowledge of hundreds of flower remedies (including the Bach Remedies), and the creation of my own flower essence line, Grace Flower Essences. I also work extensively with the EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or “tapping” method to help people center and quickly release a variety of issues. I’ve also written a couple of novels with an author page in transition at Facebook.

As I turned 40 in 2015, and took stock of my new life with three children, I knew that I wanted to deepen my own spiritual practice and find new ways to help people pursue well-being, happiness, and personal transformation. That led me to this wonderful practice of Shiatsu and deep tissue massage, and I invite you to come and visit me at my healing studio at 3613 Crossings Dr., Suite B, at The Crossings at Prescott, AZ. I would be honored if you would allow me to be present for you.

Moses Siregar III: Certified graduate of ASIS, Arizona School of Integral Studies (Massage and Bodywork), Prescott, AZ, and C.A.P. certified astrologer with training in active listening and empathy skills.

Photo credits: Chad A. Castigliano, Chronicker.